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All visitors to the school are required to stop at the office.

Drop Off and Pick Up

When dropping off or picking up your child, be mindful of the number of students in our parking lot. Moving traffic while students are arriving or leaving the school poses a danger and we ask that if you must use the parking lot, be there before or after students arrive or leave the school. There are public parking lots to meet your children and a drop off lane that are safer for students than driving through our already congested parking lot.

Attendance and Late Policy

Parents are requested to phone the school absentee line at 780.459.4476, and leave a message on our answering machine if a student is going to be absent from school. Absences not reported to the school will be followed up by a phone call from our school office. Your cooperation by phoning the school will reduce the number of calls they have to make and will be greatly appreciated. Students who are late are required to check in at the office. Teachers and the office are jointly responsible for follow-up when students are late. Students leaving the school for any reason during school hours must report to the office before leaving.

Early Dismissal

Staff Meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of each month (except in September). Kindergarten students do not attend and Grade 4-6 students will be dismissed at 12:00 p.m. on staff meeting days. Parents will be notified of all other early dismissals (e.g. day before Christmas) at least a week in advance of such a dismissal.

Robert Rundle Elementary School